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Our Local Products 

Organic Olive oil, Black thassian olives (throumba), Honey, Herbs



Thassos is and was well known for its Olive and Honey. You can find by us traditional oil and olives as well as local organic products.
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The extra virgin olive oil of Thassos is famous for its fine organic capabilities biological, qualities and its unique taste. The tradition of olive oil started before 3000 years ago and Thassian olive oil has been exported all over Mediterranean.
Today next to conventional olive cultivation there is also the organic.


Greek Thassos olives (throuba) can only be found growing on the Island of Thassos. Picked when fully ripened, they are cured with sea salt. Washed in fresh water, sun dried, dusted with wild herbs and finally coated with extra virgin olive oil, they maintain a luscious and exquisite flavour.


Honey rich is trace elements and vitamins from the famous Thassian forests,  The tradition of apiculture in Thassos starts long time ago. Thassians have always been exporting honey.
Today in Thassos many thousand of kilos of honey are produced, which comes from many varieties of trees (pines, fir etc) or from flowers (thyme etc). 
Between Skala Prinos and Skala Rachoni there is the storage, packing, distribution and sales center of the Apiarist cooperatives of Thassos with over 100 members. Its objective is to select the honey of the producers of Thassos, to standardize it and distribute it to the island as well as outside Thassos. Visitors are always welcome for a visit at the plant, taste the honey and maybe buy some. 

It is a traditional product of the island.  The best honey in Thassos comes from pine trees, by far the best honey in the world. Of exceptional quality is the honey which comes from flowers and thyme, thyme and herbs.


The Herbs, such as Thyme, Chamomile, Rosemary, Sage and other local herbs grows at the mountain of Thassos are used since ages from the local people as tea or in liqueurs or in oil for healing purposes.


Thassian WINE Protecteed Geographical Indication (PGI) Thassos wines are produced.



The golden era of Thassian wine was mainly during the Hellenistic and Classical times, when it played a major role in the development of the island's economy. After wine-producing was replaced by olive-growing as the island's main industry, the production of wine steadily declined.

Today there is no mass production and there are only a few limited types of Thassian wine for sale. You may try, however, exceptional quality wine from private growers and producers around the island.


About tsipouro. Tsipouro is a genuine Greek product. It is not produced in any other part of the world except Greece.
Tsipouro is a strong distilled spirit containing approximately 36% alcohol per volume and is produced from the must-residue of the winepress. The distillation process lasts for about three hours, during which the product is tasted for its alcohol content, and controlled by increasing or decreasing the heat. Finally, the distillation stops just when the acquired Tsipouro has the desired taste.
The name Tsipouro is used throughout the country, except for Crete, where the same spirit with a stronger flavor is known as "Tsikoudia". In some areas of Greece, the Oriental name "Raki" is also used.

is an un-aged brandy from Greece and in particular Thessaly, Epirus, Macedonia, and the island of Crete (where Cretans call it tsikoudia). Tsipouro is a strong distilled spirit containing 40–45% alcohol by volume and is produced from either the pomace (the residue of the wine press) or from the wine after the grapes and juice have been separated. It comes in two types, pure and anise-flavoured, and is usually not aged in barrels, although barrel aged versions do exist.

Thassian tsipouro






History of thassian wine

According to the information we have there were vineyards in Halkidiki (at Mendi, Skione, Akanthos and the Mt. Athos peninsula), on Thasos, at Pella and Stagira, where Aristotle himself kept a vineyard. An inscription has also been found on Thasos dating from the 5th century BC, which regulates all aspects of the grape harvest, wine production and the sale of wine, which could only be sold in amphorae officially sealed by the market inspectors. The same law, intended to protect the authenticity of the local wine, determined that no ship bearing wine could approach the port of Thasos, on pain of seizure of the vessel.


The wines of Macedonia and, mainly, of Thasos, were exported to the whole of the known world, in amphorae carried on cargo vessels. But with the Roman domination of the Mediterranean the centre of gravity of the wine trade shifted from the northern to the southern Aegean, and away from Greece altogether. However wine production in Macedonia carried on uninterruptedly.


From the aforementioned seals we learn that Thassian wine was exported up to Azof  sea, on top of the black sea, to Persia, Sicily, north of the Dalmatian coast. In Athens, a city which was then at its peak, the Thassian wine was in high esteem.

 Valued for its aroma in Wealth by Aristophanes, to the women in Ekklisiazouses who knew all the sweets that were hid in the little jars of Thassos, and the companions of Lysistrati who swore on little amphorae with Thassian wine to not letting a man to approach them as long as there is war with Sparta. Thassian wine is served at the banquet of the rich Callias in honor of the beautiful Autolycus and Socrates. Then, Antisthenes uses it as a symbol of luxury.By Theophrastus we learn, that the wine offered to Rector of Thassos was flavored with honey and flour from wild wheat. The color was usually black. It was drank with an equal amount of water and many times offered and warm. Archeostratos names Thassos wine “brave”.

 In Greece, begins to indicate new wine regions with exceptional wines. Nevertheless, Thassian wine keeps its place among the first.Then the Romans got fascinated by Greek wines and started transporting wine varieties in Italy.

 Virgil, states Thassian wine between these varieties. Pliny, tells us that most varieties that were  transplanted to Italy, came from Chios and Thassos, leading us to the conclusion that Thassos had a multi-varietal vineyard.

 Polydeuces and Athenian characterize Thassian wine sweet, with aromas of plants; a  reference to sweet and dry wines.

 In Byzantine times, Thassos beset by raiding of Arabs, Slavs, Venetians, Crusaders and pirates. It's a time of stagnation rather than growth. At the end of the Byzantine era Thassos belongs to the Genoatiko house of Gatelefkon.

After the fall of Constantinople, many Constantinople families settled in Thassos which is shown by the many Byzantine name of the inhabitants of. Until 1455, when it was conquered for the first time by the Turks and stays firmly against the Turkish occupation from 1459 until 1813, except for the period 1770-1774 that was to the Russian occupation.    source: https://giannakis-winery.blogspot.com/2012/09/wine-history-in-thassos.html





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